Long day

Is this what they mean by a "burn phone" ?
Well, that was a long day - in the office before 7am (as usual) but zebra picked up the printer at 7:12am. They returned it around 6pm. I have only just got back home at 8pm.

We now have a "contact station" again, and I will have to make the interface a bit neater. But we are working again.

Some experimentation shows that the "inhibit" layer on the cards around the voice SIMs is just right to tear the colour ribbon. I have had to make a few tweeks, and will be doing a lot of testing tomorrow. I am planning to get some free SIMs out to people that had SIP2SIM last year. That should be a really good test of the printer as it is quite a big mail shot.

The good news is that we have the printer back. Sorry to say that SIMs ordered today (after around 7:12) did not get out in today's post.

So, well done Zebra for sorting this, and for taking on my various comments on the documentation, etc.

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