Just one cornetto?!
In spite of all my efforts, I spent most of the weekend away running through every possible way this damn court case could turn out. There really is no point in my mind doing this, but it is the way I work, clearly.

The result is have been snapping at a few people, sorry.

Anyway, having got back last night, my plan was to fly up this evening for the court case 9:30 tomorrow.

I have bottled - I have way too much work this week (with stupid OFCOM Notice of Transfer stuff) to take another couple of days out, and Phil has kindly offered to go. He has spoken to the pursuer over the last year and so he has probably got the most background on this whole thing anyway.

It is also a huge training exercise for him and a weight off my mind.

I also found a rather nice Clause 1206 in the Companies Act 2006 which is ideal when we have been thwarted claiming for unpaid invoices because someone won't identify themselves properly as a legal entity :-)

Apart from that - Rome was fun.

OK, I was stood up on top of the sight seeing bus for this shot!

P.S. Hotel WiFi was a nightmare, but the A&A voice SIM worked perfectly ;-)


  1. "I spent most of the weekend away running through every possible way this damn court case could turn out."

    Classic Aspie thing. I've been known to run through every possibly way *replacing a freezer compartment door* could turn out, for *hours*. In the end I went down and did it in the middle of the night just to stop myself thinking about it (not really an option open to you with a trip to Scotland for a court case).

    It took five minutes.

    I suspect the same will be true here. It seems to be a somewhat open-and-shut case, really...

  2. Glad you had a good holiday, and I look forward to hearing how Phil gets on. Fingers crossed for you both!


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