Decent microphone for my videos

My videos, whether for training or for my blog / youtube, have been getting better. I am using multiple cameras and 4k and so on, but one aspect that has always let me down is the audio.

So, having been nagged a few times, I have a lapel mic (or Lavalier mic), and a radio set...

Well, I am impressed with the quality!

Purchased from Gear4Music.

I was, however, a tad concerned that the paperwork says a "licence" is required in the UK. Well, the OFCOM web site is a tad confusing. There is a section on PMSE licensing for radio mics.

Reading more, it looks like I am OK. The radio set says 823-865MHz, and it is initially set to 863.100MHz. Well, OFCOM say "The UHF licence exempt range is 863.100-864.900 MHz.", and the power "is limited to 10mw for handhelds and 50mw for body worn transmitters both internally and externally". (Surely Watt is "W" not "w"). So, phew...

The transmitter clips on my belt, no problem, and the mic plugs in to it...

The receiver comes with 3.5mm and XLR connector cables, so connects to my audio recorder directly.

So, simple, easy to use, works well, and sounds great... This is a test video with the new mic, and three old microphones for comparison...


  1. Sounds great. This one?


  2. I use those G3s a lot - they're great for conferences etc. Good buy!

    Channel 38 is the one in the UK you need a licence for.

  3. Indeed. It used to be channel 69 (854-862MHz) that was the shared licence band, but they shifted it down to channel 38 in clearing 800MHz for yet more mobile bandwidth.
    Stick with channel 70 (863-865MHz, normally 4 interference free frequencies available) and you're licence exempt.

    I'll agree that Sennheiser EW series are decent bits of kit, although I've only got G2's.

  4. Do Trantec still make reasonable-priced products?

  5. Correct name is a lavalier mic.

  6. As someone who works in PMSE, you are indeed okay in-between 863 and 865MHz. This is sometimes referred to as CH70, but it's not a full TV channels width. Until a few years ago most PMSE equipment was in CH69, which required a license to use. However we were moved out of that Channel to make way for 4G and the digital switchover. CH38 (606 - 613MHz) was allocated as a replacement for CH69, and use of frequencies in that range requires an license (Called a shared license, as use of the frequencies is on a first come - first serve basis).

    Sennheiser ME2 and G3 wireless is a good combo.

  7. These videos are great. So informative and good to watch. The production quality is becoming very professional... the transition at 1:04 is impressive and the audio quality is superb throughout!

  8. Please stick the mic cable up your shirt, jumper, jacket, whatever, for a more professional and discreet look.

    1. I would normally, but as I was doing videos actually about the mic I deliberately did not do so. So, next time.

  9. As a self taught audio buff (read ham radio) I often thought that your audio was a little to be desired, now it's excellent. Well done Adrian.

    I've done mine with a cheap BM-800 and a "fiftyquid" mixer, my advantage is nobody sees me on the Radio.

    1. I love the idea of HAM radio and speaking with people from all sorts of exotic locations around the world


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