Fair reporting

I rant on here and some times there are reasons to be positive instead of negative.

I ranted about Apple, and they have fixed things, so here is the "Well done Apple" video.

They have done a lot, and I am sure it is not down to my blogs and videos.

FYI, the Canon gripe was multiple things - the screen is touch focus and so very easy to accidentally touch the corner and have a string of videos focused on the wall FFS. The recording will revert to card 1 far too easily and then not record video one a few seconds. I managed to accidentally move the exposure bias, FFS, far too easy to do that. Then, on like the 10th take, someone called me in the middle - I had all on silent apart from my desk phone, and nearly lost the plot. The above video is around 6 minutes original as a result. I even had the Apple TV crash at one point, but I'll let it off this time.

Oh, and wow - that I am a "bond villain for turning to/from the screen like that". Thanks.


  1. Most consumer electronics is rubbish, built as cheap as possible for the use case envisaged at original design. So, software does sometimes get updated, more bloated, and with it response times suffer.
    Case in point: A Samsung blu-ray player, which now has menu system so slow that to navigate, it's press a button and wait FIVE SECONDS for it to even acknowledge the button press. Could they fix it? Hell yes. Will they fix it? No. They're trying to sell you this season's consumer electronics shit, which will work for three months before being unusable again. It's out of support.

    So, well done, Apple, for at least trying to improve a product that they've already shipped.

    What manufacturers of any consumer electronics devices need to do is employ the sort of coders who are still into the C64 demo scene. They know how to eek useful performance out of 35 year old kit, and should at least be able to keep equipment useful for at least the 2 year Sale of Goods Act warranty requirement.

    1. Yeah, I remember the days when you could bang through 20 channels on the TV in 5 seconds. These days you have to wait 5 seconds just for it to acknowledge a single button press.

  2. The production quality on this video is excellent, very impressive use of different camera angles and editing of them to make it all flow so smoothly. The footage is perfectly in focus and the audio quality is great too. May I ask what editing software you use please?

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice that you have four perfectly-synchronised clocks on the wall. May I ask what that’s all about, am just curious! :)

  3. Sadly, on my LG TV, they changed something with IOS 11 that causes Apple TV to turn off my TV if it was already on, works great if both are off, but if you were watching Sky and then switched over to Apple TV it would turn the TV off. Suffice to say that feature is now disabled.


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