Frustrating year so far for me

Well, where do I start...

FireBrick FB2900 should have been selling months ago, and such stupid things now being the delay - we have loads on the shelves. Safety testing final sign off within a (small number) of days with stupid minor things having caused delay. The fascia printing on the boxes, the last thing I would think would be an issue, expected in something like 10 days, but who can say for sure. I may blog the story and name and shame, perhaps. So, really, FB2900 will be shipping real soon now. The training course we ran last week went well, so do contact us if interested in the training or being a dealer!

But let's be positive - it will be shipping soon, and is awesome, and we should start work on FB9000 soon.

The new A&A tariff work we started last year, I expected to be doing more. And one of our carriers, who I have promised my own staff not to tear a large piece out of on my blog just yet, are causing some crazy issues for us. Things that should have been done and dusted over 6 months ago are not, and so more work on tariffs is a tad stalled. Even so, we hope to plough ahead with some improvements this month, albeit more risk for us doing so. The existing changes, with more lines able to get Terabyte packages, and better usage roll over and higher entry level allowances, have clearly helped, but we expected to have done more by now. More will be coming I am sure.

But let's be positive - the changes we made late last year are good, and things are happening this month too.

But I am not all about work, there is more to life that work. The stress of the broken TV was disproportionate - it is, after all, just a thing. I just feel betrayed by what almost certainly was a family member, and that is hard. Oh well.

But let's be positive - I have a nice new TV now, and rather like it. It is pretty awesome I have to say!

I've been on Indapamide, albeit a small dose, for over a year. I believe it has side effects, most notably that I am always getting out of breath very easily. I noticed right away I could no longer cycle up the hill to my house. To be frank, it is getting annoying, so I am off it now. I have to see if new meds work well, and if indeed I regain my stamina. I thought of stamina as a metric in World of Warcraft, but I could do with some now. A few days in to new meds, not sure yet. I may try starting to cycle again, we'll see how that goes.

But let's be positive - if that was the side effect, I can start cycling, get more exercise, and lose some weight!

And finally, today, it has been a year since my Grandson died. My daughter has been taken by her partner for a weekend away, but we all feel for her. Being Mothering Sunday does not help.

But let's be positive - we know exactly what killed him now, and once the lawyers have finished their stuff I'll be able to blog about it and get it off my chest. My daughter is surprisingly strong.


  1. > And finally, today, it has been a year since my Grandson died. My daughter has been taken by her partner for a weekend away, but we all feel for her. Being Mothering Sunday does not help.

    My condolences to you and the rest of your family.

    1. Indeed. I can’t even start to imagine how awful that must be. Our love and thoughts are with your family.

  2. What changes are you proposing to make to the tariffs? Any chance of another 50GB increase?

    1. Short term it will be work on set up costs, but longer term we want to look at ongoing pricing / quotas again. The latter is what is being stalled by one of our carriers.

  3. Remember that you are more productive in a week than most people are in a year so I guess is it frustrating when you have to interface with the reality of getting stuff done!

    1. It is called “The curse of the high IQ”

  4. Speaking from personal history here (very similar situation);

    You daughter will always struggle around her sons birthday, mothers day,Christmas etc. It will get a little easier over time.
    We found that supportive family around the yearly big dates was a simply amazing help.


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