Buzz off

I am not a fan of wasps or hornets, though I am pretty sure I have never actually been stung.

So picture the scene, I am sat in the bath this morning, (maybe don't picture the scene), and suddenly there is this loud buzzing and banging and crashing around in the bathroom around me!

I got a glimpse of what appears to be a huge wasp of some sort - that thing is about 2cm long! It was literally knocking stuff over crashing in to things.

My bath is actually a shower/bath and steam thing with sides, and a top and sliding doors that close completely - obviously to keep water and steam in. The doors were closed very quickly, and it does a job at keeping a wasp out, thankfully.

I ended up spending ages waiting for the damn thing to go away, or rather just go quiet, as it did, which was worrying.

Fortunately the water does not go cold very quickly when the doors are closed. Eventually I did get out, and it was walking on the floor very slowly. I think I can thank my air conditioning for making the bedroom and bathroom 20 for that. It was expelled out of the window - actually, my wife did that (thank you, dear).

I have no idea what it is! Some (on twitter) suggested a European hornet, some suggested Asian hornet, and someone said it may just be a normal wasp but a queen. None of those are at all appealing in any way.

So now the air vent in the ceiling is sealed with tape until I can find a fine mesh to put in it or something. If I'm found suffocated in the morning because every tiny gap to the outside has been sealed up, you'll know why.


  1. From the picture it looks like a European hornet, Asian hornets are blacker, Giant Asian hornets are (as their name suggests) much larger more like 3-5cm long.

  2. It's definitely insect season west of London. On Sunday I met two cockchafers (May bugs) near High Wycombe. Never seen one before.

  3. Pop into a supermarket on your way home and pick up a sieve. The wire mesh from that should be ideal. Either that or a cooker hood filter.

  4. That wasp (hornet?) looks so scary

  5. That's just a normal European hornet, I live in an old stone built house and various bees, wasps and hornets live in the walls and roofspaces. There was a hornet's nest in a roof one year and some got in the house, they get quite angry if you are trying to squash them! However I have also seen a couple of Queen hornets in the house, in spring when they come out of hibernation, and they are huge, easily 5cm long, but they are usually a bit dopey and can be caught and put outside. Must be the biggest wasp type insect we will see in the UK.

    1. All the more reason to support Brexit. Heh heh.

  6. Unless you're a bee-keeper, I don't think European hornets are anything to be worried about. Like bumblebees, they are big, noisy and scary-looking, but unless you step on one or try to destroy its nest, it will probably leave you alone.


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