Apple used to be good at this!

Once again I am moaning about Apple!

My issue is on-going watching of a TV series... A simple task which incidentally Netflix has well sussed.

Once upon a time it took several clicks to get from the main menu in to the TV shows and select the show, but at least at that point it knew which episode you were watching and where you had left off within the episode.

Then, wonder of wonders, the "TV" menu in the Apple appeared, and at power on it would be basically one-click to continue watching what you had been watching, in the right show and the right point in the show. This was finally almost as slick as Netflix.

Now, as you will see in the video, they are being extra special.

It remembers where you were, what series, what episode, and where in that episode. It shows on the main page when you turn it on, offering you "Up next" as "Continue" watching that episode. One click to play it.

But then it goes horribly wrong for no apparent reason. It says you need to install Netflix! If you cancel that you see the series of shows, and the episode you are on selected ready to play. If you select, then again, you have to install Netflix.


If you go up several levels of menu, in to TV shows, pick purchased items, and all items, and scroll to find the show you were watching, you eventually find it is there but is offering to show episode 1. So you then have to find the episode you were watching if you can remember, and play.

It plays, with no Netflix needed, and carries on from where you stopped (within that episode)...

I just don't get it! It makes no sense. It seems to only be some series, but it baffles me how they release such broken code with such serious bugs in it. Seriously, Apple used to be good at user interface - it was their thing.


  1. That’s an odd one. I’d be interested to know what happens if you go ahead and install Netflix. I’d guess that playing a show through the TV app invokes some code for finding which service to use for that show and that that code:
    1) (sensibly) prioritises services where the content is free over services where it is paid
    2) sees that the show is on Netflix
    3) knows that you have a Netflix account (from another Apple device where you have the Netflix app installed?)

    so at that point it’s found a solution and goes ahead and tries to play the show via Netflix. But it’s not quite smart enough to notice that a) Netflix isn’t installed on this device, and that b) there is another valid solution that would be preferable because you also have the show purchased in iTunes.

    1. In answer to your first question, I’ll bet the answer is thst it asks you to set up an account by registering. Then it probably harasses you for CC details.

  2. It happens to all big companies eventually, they become bureaucracies and lose that magic touch that once made them good. Just leave a bad review for them on the Internet and take your business elsewhere.

  3. Tim Cook spends his time and energy and the power of Apple campaigning for his other interests, he is not interested in the tech.

    1. Goodness only knows how people like Tim Cook get so wealthy. I’d only just about consider him for an accounts clerk position.

  4. Nobody can design a poxy user interface these day's without it being overly intrusive in some shape or another. Popup's that are irrelevant (like in your case), pop ups stating the obvious (more notably facebook), popups forcing you to add a picture but you can get around it (linkedin), forcing you to instantly sign up just to browse (pinterest), nagging you to download the app instead (80% of most website's). Google currently has the best solution in my opinion at the end of the day, 'forget all of the clutter and let the user get on with no hindrance'. Hopefully they'll keep it that way generally. I know youtube will very occasionally show an advert that can't be 'skipped' that only serves to remind you that you're on youtube (literally just the logo that is slightly animated).

    1. Even google had its wobbly moment, remember when literally the top 20 results from any search were price comparison websites such as that ghastly Kelkoo thing.

    2. I don't remember seeing that, depending on when it was it might have been before I used or even understood computer's.


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