Holiday tech

I am off on a cruise next month. I am still amazed my mates and I manage to rustle up what it costs, but it makes for a fun holiday each year.

But I am taking tech, I do that, and so do my mates. We all have work to do.

This year I plan to take the proper desktop Mac I use. Because I can, and the suite has a nice useful table for it. So I have a flight case for it!

But there is more - I expect to do some work - there are "sea days" on this cruise. So FireBricks, ethernet, fibre, and all sorts, just to be able to work on this stuff. So I expect to take some "tech" with me...

Of course I also want to take pictures and videos, so even more tech.

That said, I do plan to have some time relaxing, honest.


  1. Is it the Mac with the 48" monitor and 1400VA UPS? He he he ;-P

  2. I wonder if a cruise ship is stable enough in a force 9 for your iMac not to fall over :)

    I guess they try to avoid that sort of weather in order to not scare the passengers.

    Here on our small boat everything must be strapped down or it will go flying.

  3. What do you need a fibre for ? Sure 10 Gbps offered by a cat6 patch cable is enough even for you?!

  4. depending on fossil fuel is always a bad idea, we should always concentrate on renewable energy’ discord streamer mode


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