(mis) targeted adverts

OK I get that there is a lot of tracking.

I get that if I search on the Internet for green jelly babies, I'll start seeing adverts for people selling green jelly babies.

What I do not get is how people actually pay advertisers to bombard me with adverts for the very thing I have just purchased by the very company from which I have just purchased it.

That has to be the daftest thing possible?


Will GDPR help, like fuck it will...

P.S. I am assuming that posting this (with names) on my blog (for all the world to see) is morally no different to clicking "like" on it (for all the world to see)? Is it? Is it legally wrong?


  1. Boringly, it's because despite all of the surveillance apparatus watching your every move, the advertising engines are never told that you actually bought the product. So they continue to advertise it at you partly because you may still have not yet decided to buy it, and partly because they get paid for the ad placement anyway and don't care.

  2. I remember when I used to get adverts for BE broadband on a BE broadband IP.

    Likewise I get ads for smarty at the moment although I suppose that one is a bit more sensible as I rarely have data set to the smarty sim

  3. Best one I had was from Monarch. After I bought some flights (and, actually, I think this was after we had flown), I was then seeing ads saying something along the lines of 'you've had a sun break, how about a city break next?' along with city and price for flights for a long weekend.

  4. Will be interested to hear how you get on with AmEx Platinum. I find it far from "Platinum". They think that if they are super-polite this means the actual service can be shit. And as for the Concierge service - don't ask. Just too difficult to use.

  5. Hilariously I looked at amex cards because of this post. Now I'm seeing ads all over the place for cards I'd never apply for.

  6. I’m surprised so many people here still see adverts online!

  7. You'll want to start reading Head For Points, that'l help you take full advantage of your shiny new card! (It's expensive, but used right can be excellent value)

  8. Holidays? Who needs them, not me for sure, all I need is time off work. Unfortunately my wife insists on booking holidays every year which, for me, is just added stress.

    I honestly can't understand why people travel for holidays, it's just keeping to someone else's timetable, follow someone else's rules etc.

    At home I have a nice garden, beer in the fridge, a hi-fi, and a networked computer. Oh and plenty of take-away establishments near by.

    1. I find this reassuring and would like to hear more. I also find holidays extremely stressful because I worry thst I’m paying a lot and supposed to be having a good time, but every time my phone beeps I suffer a mini nervous breakdown and I start shuddering like a crack addict if I try and turn the thing off for more than an hour. And I literally mean just one hour, the sense of dread and anxiety I get is overwhelming. I find that I literally cannot relax for a moment without thinking about work and so a stay at home holiday feels so much more comforting. What are people like me supposed to do?

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