Did GDPR kill my blog?

No comments since 23rd? I almost had not noticed, I was sort of beginning to think I was boring all of a sudden. I have also been a tad busy.

Then I checked the "awaiting moderation" and loads of comments! I have approved all that look non spammy as always, sorry for the delay. Yay! I am not boring, well, that much, yet...

So I checked settings and the moderation email is marked "The email address added in this field will be invited by email, and will have 14 days to accept the invitation in order to receive notifications."

So I am wondering if I missed an email pre-GDPR and so stopped getting the moderation emails. Makes some sense...

Though, having changed the moderation email, I have not had any "invitation", so maybe it is just broken at blogger?

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for posting comments. And thanks to geekypenguin for asking on irc.

How could I think I was just boring :-)


  1. For some reason my Newsblur isn't loading your blog anymore. I guess it's not related but that's why I've not been reading lately.

    (Newsblur claims it gets 200 from the Atom feed, so I think it's something on Newsblur's side, it also does it for another blog on Blogger. Guess it's time to find a different feed reader.)


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