Insulin - an idea

As I said, insulin transported at wrong temperature can go bad.

The insulin I take is really clever stuff, releasing over time from one injection. But if it gets too hot or cold it is buggered.

So what we need is a clever means to include in the insulin something that changes colour dramatically if outside these temperature, but is also safe to inject.

That way, badly stored insulin could turn red or some such.

Surely this is possible?

P.S. As people have pointed out, far safer to have something external on the pen that shows out of temperature at some point, and no need to make it actually safe to inject.

P.P.S. Surprised manufacturers don't do this, as they would sell more where it was badly transported :-)


  1. Why not just have temperature sensitive sticker in the pack? You can get ones that track the amount of time above a certain temperature (example: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/temperature-sensitive-labels/8656257/).

  2. https://www.omega.co.uk/prodinfo/temperature-labels.html ?

  3. Does it need to be safe to inject?

    Could it just be something that's part of or attached to the packaging when it's first produced?

  4. OK good point, something on the pack.. Yes.

  5. I bet there are no temperature sensive colour changing solutions that are also IV safe...

  6. Here you go: https://timestrip.com/temperature-monitoring/


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