Software gets to a stage where it all works, but need a bit of fettling...

We have been deploying the SIP server today, and it has been a day or "tell me what is not working now?".

All minor things - no ringing tone when calling external numbers; call transfers not clearing on the transferring party phone; lost audio on external calls; crashing if you dial an invalid number; etc... All sorted quickly and not affecting calls in progress (well, mostly).

But over all massive progress and testing lots of the features - things like retrying a SNOM every second unit you take your phone off DND if you are in a hunt group with call queuing set. I probably should not have a means to do that to a BT number :-)

What can I say - working well.

We have all the CDR data we want and I plan to make the billing system this weekend. This means making pretty PDF phone bills for customers, and non-pretty XML files for customers with clue...

And for the techies - least cost routing in a single SQL query:

SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM `NumberCost` WHERE %#s LIKE CONCAT(`number`,'%%') ORDER BY LENGTH(`number`) DESC) AS subselect GROUP BY `carrier` ORDER BY `%s`,`ac`,`mc`,rand()


  1. Yes, Mike, that is the syntax... Have fun...

  2. Lucky you got this done now. The next World of Warcraft expansion will be out soon, and then you wouldn't have time. :-)


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