OK, so I have been coding solidly, 7am to 10pm for nearly 5 days. New SIP call server, from first principles. All interesting stuff. Well, I would not be solidly coding if it was not a bit fun!

I was quite chuffed that in about two days I had the first version handling phone registrations and passing calls, but several bits have been re-coded to be more robust and tested with various phones and carriers. It is looking pretty good now.

Damn SNOM phones negotiating encrypted audio and then not stopping encryption when the call transferred - arrrrg! That wasted many hours. I'll have to email them and explain!

Another day or so of work to sort call recording, and we can start testing with customers.

I doubt I can ditch * completely as we'll need voicemail and IAX inter-working I expect. But we should be able to make a much more scalable and robust platform now...

Sadly, when all that is done I have the next big project to started (OSPF)...

Work work work...

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