Insisting on watching in low def

What is it with people?

It is bad enough watching TV on the low res version when there is an HD channel available.

But what the the is the logic in complaining when I change the channel to HD?

I almost wish they did a black & white version so they could watch in that instead.



  1. now finally that's a real RANT

    qualifying factor is ... I don't have a clue what you are talking about ... but it's nice and loud and complaining :D

  2. They can't even complain they miss a bit, as the HD channel is lagged to slightly longer than a channel change takes!

  3. I can think of one good reason not to watch in HD, well not ITV HD anyway! - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/10302816.stm

  4. Oi! Misleading the whole situation there arent you. The complaint wasnt even that you were changing it to HD. We started complaining admitedly while you were mid sentace, you got as far as saying 'there is no point in watching NCIS' and then you paused saying it literally the precice moment the show was starting so we got annoyed not realising that you were changing it to HD not just turning it off as it qppeared at the time you just lost your rag about it straight away...

  5. My, there was some angry typoing there James.


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