Refusing to fix faults

The latest from our favourite telco...

They are now sending fault reports back for "retest", and then refusing to accept our reply that the retest has failed because we have not booked their special investigation service.

So, what do do now.
  • One option is book an engineer for a week's time, reject the clear and then cancel the booking. Automatically. Every time. That could be interesting. I wonder how many engineers will turn up after being cancelled. I wonder how many we will be charged for.
  • Another is that we communicate to them that they have a fault and need to fix it by some other means - perhaps by fax to their head office - for every clear reject we do.
Of course, we also have several thousand lines that they are basically refusing to fix as they have high latency and packet loss. I think I need to report those as faults now. It will be interesting as they want us to book SFIs for those as well even though the issue is in the back-haul which is outside the remit of their special engineers.

At the end of the day we have paid them for a working broadband service. If it not working they have to fix it. If they refuse to fix faults they are quite simply in breach of contract. It is just not good enough.

I am not happy.

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  1. I cannot belieeeeeeve it!

    can this malarkey from BT STILL be going on?


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