Data protection

How the hell does he do it?

My son has managed to sort new insurance and get a refund for the old one that they tried to cancel (still chasing an apology letter), but the latest is a letter from his new insurance saying that they are putting up the price by £800.

Why you may ask? Because he has got insurance quotes done through the likes of money supermarket and such, for insurance with various "modifications" to his car. Well, yes, he wanted to confirm how things like "tinted windows" would affect the insurance, and sees it would add a lot so did not go ahead. That is, surely, one of the reasons you get a "quote"?

But know, his insurance company, sharing data like mad, decide this means he must have got those mods and change his policy unilaterally.

I thought this was what data protection as all about, to stop this sort of crap!.


  1. surely when he gets the quote and accepts it say over the phone or webpage this is a legally binding agreement for which purpose you have to be truthful

    so does this mean he having not said he has tinted windows the insurance company is calling him a liar ?

    either he has or he has not ... if he didnt say he has it must be assumed that he has not

    having put up his premium and he then confirms that he has not got tinted windows they drop it down again?

    this smacks of the same as I experienced a few years back

    I phoned round got a quote and accepted it and paid immediately by credit card

    so offers of contract were made accepted and paid for

    I received my ins cert and thought nothing of it

    subsequently after a few weeks I got a bill for almost a 100% more stating that the quote had been made in error

    getting on the phone I got the same thing told to me however I did quote back at them the statement they always read out to you before you give any details which is that the information you give must be truthful and that this all constitutes a binding agreement, failure to comply etc etc is punishable in law (cant quote exactly as its a long time ago)

    this was the gotcha!

    as anything that binds me to a contract must also bind them .... they made an offer of insurance for payment ... I accepted the offer ... offered them the payment ... they accepted the payment

    end of!

    the underwriter was called to the phone and had no choice but conceded the point and I kept my insurance without paying any additional (imaginary) premium


  2. Yes, in effect, they are calling him a liar. They have backed down, but that is beside the point.


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