New office

Well, I am all set to get some real work done. New office, new desk, out of the way, air-con, coffee machine. All good. Except I managed to sit right in the firing line of the air-con down the back of my neck... But otherwise all is good!

I have to say that all of the staff have been very good, especially Andrew and Lee in moving stuff and wiring and tidying and decorating.

I have about two months worth of coding to do for the launch of the new products :-)

P.S. Just found how to "steer" the air-con's air flow... woohoo.


  1. Looks very nice and tidy, keep it like it lol.
    Look forward to seeing you Sunday for dinner, Roast Beef ect... Just think we landed in Singapore this time a year ago....x

  2. Arrrg, I have put James in here too. He does not stop talking, and nothing is his fault!

  3. Steer the aircon his way... he'll soon freeze over :-)


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