Structured fail

So, new office had structured cabling.

When the old people (now the landlord still) moved out, they had workmen tidy up and decorate and so on.

The workmen did chat to us, and at one point asked what to do about all the cables. We agreed putting them up above the tiles out of the way was sensible as it looks tidy and people can pull them back down to use them.

Later we decided to lease the place and the landlord said the workman had put the cables up above the tiles out of the way so we could use them if we wanted.


The joys of moving in to a new office.


  1. That's because "workmen" (more specifically their foremen and/or bosses) don't understand "this computer shit" (as I was told when they cast the slab for a building I was commissioning in mirror image, so the pit that would become the raised floor was isolated in the middle of the canteen instead of the computer room). So they had 80 cubic metres of freshly-cast slab to remove before they even started erecting the building.

    Then the ductwork to "outside" - I asked for 150mm ducts (8 of them to 2 locations, in pairs, diversely routed), either they didn't (or couldn't) read and installed 100mm...

    Then they realised they hadn't put any ductwork in for the incoming utilities - so rather than install their own, they stole 25% of mine for the incoming mains supply thus comprehensively bollocksing up my redundant WAN plans - this of course was supported and signed off by the idiot project manager on our side (a builder by trade and in the "computer shit" camp). Cost him a lot of extra on his budget when "somehow" the planners at the local authority heard about this unauthorised change in the utility supply plan... and insisted on it being done "to plan".

    Our cabling contractor went around the twist with them because part way through construction "all of this computer shit" was deemed to be "getting in the way" so they trimmed off 520 cables in a similar fashion to yours, before they'd even been terminated.

    This wasn't a dodgy backstreet builder either - this is a construction business of some international renown (or as we preferred to refer to them "International Intentional Arseholes plc")

  2. if you can get just enough slack you could put a '110 block' there, basically punch cat5 cable into each side, extending to where you want your actual patch panels:


    you'd need to check the impact on cat5e status etc...

  3. Something like this should help you:

    It could be worse, at least someone has drilled the hole through the concrete for you.

  4. Probably just easier & quicker to pull it out and put new stuff in.

  5. Well, we have a compromise that is not quite so drastic.

  6. Did an install like that a while back, they'd chopped the Cat5 back at the wall, and then 2m before the old server rack, so the old cables were all under the floor, but we had to remove them all first, then run in new ones. To a new location though, but it would have reached if they had left us enough slack at the floor level.
    Nevermind, I think we flood-wired the place better than the previous tenants.


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