Dude! where's my SIM

OK, some will assume I am an Apple fanboy. After all I did walk in to a PC World and buy half a dozen of the 64GB 3G iPads a while back.

So you take an iPad in for repair, one of the ones that actually broke rather than being sat on.

They say "can't repair, has to be replacement", but before you know it the old one is sent back to apple. This is an apple approved repair place somewhere Reading way.

Arrrg, save & restore. They claim they did, phew!

Only replacement is brand new - no saved photos or anything, and get this - the SIM card not even moved to the new one FFS!!!

I think I may have to sue for the SIM card back. Grrr.


  1. To be fair, they probably should have told you to remove it when they took it for repair - also for your own protection, so they couldn't accidentally land you with ACSLaw sending you letters in 6 months time for that pr0n you downloaded while it was in for repair, but you forgot about the date in 6 months time...

  2. It should have been removed anyway just in case any of the details were stolen or it got broken by accident. Even if you sue you there a good possibility you won't get it back as it could have been sent anywhere, if they do repair and resell.

  3. OK, suing is extreme. Put if like this - if I ran a repair place - backup and restore with be standard unless the kit was too dead to do it. Taking off extra protective cases, carry straps, whatever, and taking out SIMs would be standard too.


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