Internet HD

I know how to get people in to using IPv6... Rename it "internet HD". Everyone will upgrade to "HD". I mean, "HD" seems to get everywhere now not just TVs.

We could sell Ethernet cables that are "Internet HD ready"...



  1. Heard an advert for HD mobile phones the other day.

  2. The cable part has been done.

  3. Have you seen the price of a 1.5m CAT5 cable in (say) Tesco lately... £14.49

    I bought my RJ45 crimpers & 100 plugs for less than a tenner, so they must be using really expensive cable... which by virtue of it's price must be cripplingly excellent (/sarcasm)

  4. HD ready? psshhh!

    'My internet' is Full HD!
    At least I have more /48's than I'd ever need. ;-)

  5. New! HD Internet* available at AAISP!

    *HD Internet only available on computers with a 1920x1080 monitor (or above)

    Let's face it, ASA have let through much less "precise" statements than that.
    (cough) Virgin fibre (cough)


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