Technology testing ground?

Well, I popped over to our neighbours here in the industrial estate. Always good chaps for a chat and they are an excellent place to test technology!

The main things we can test is how well things work if you have a 10 year old computer running (or perhaps that should be "walking") IE6 still. It is also interesting to see how the internet behaves on an old (and slow) machine even when they are plugged to our offices for their connection.

Sadly I think they are finally going to be upgraded their computer systems at last. But they did give me some toast (and a banana) which shows they have one bit of technology we don't in our offices (a toaster). Thanks guys :-)

[Yeh, I did consider getting them linux'd up, honest]


  1. I'm sure you could create a toaster - just pop the heatsink off a CPU and put the bread on top for a bit - I'm sure it would toast quite nicely ;)

  2. I thought your laser could toast bread?

  3. You're forgetting the laser engraver. I'm sure that could toast bread.

  4. Not only could it toast bread, but it could leave the outline of Jesus or The Madonna (http://markbattypublisher.com/books/madonna-of-the-toast/) but look a lot more realistic. The Rev can then make a small fortune by selling the toast to gullible people!

  5. Never mind the laser engraver making the toast for eating though... get it making toast with some form of simulacrum on and flog it on eBlag :) (Perhaps some experimentation to pre-treat the bread so the simulacrum can be "developed" in a standard toaster)


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