Not impressed with Belagio, Vegas

How hard can it be if someone books and pays for rooms months in advance to actually have rooms that they booked when you get there.

No, they have to fuck about. And they are incapable of actually putting two rooms together. It makes me wonder why they bother building rooms with interconnecting doors (as these have) if they are incapable of actually putting two parties next to each other even with months of planning.

And then we have the wrong room keys. Just as well all on my card else that would cause problems. How we find that out is that the hotel wifi needs room number and surname, and surname did not match unless I uses my sister-in-law's surname.

Oh, and the wifi is $15/day extra

Oh, and not tea/coffee making facilities (though that seems to be the norm in US).


  1. Yup, its difficult out there :\ Same problem with wifi when we visited with a load of family about 2 years ago.

    I have bought a kindle for my internet use while out in the USA this coming November :> Shame it fails at opening links with target="_blank" though.

  2. I've found that expensive places always charge extra for wifi, while at cheaper places if it's there it's always free.

    I think they work on the theory that if you're willing to pay a large amount of money for the room, then you're likely able to keep paying for all the extras... For the cheaper places, free wifi is a reason to stay with them, rather than the hotel down the road that doesn't have it.


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