Turning up the wick a bit

Well, there is some good news with our favourite telco. They are upping the targets they have for throughput on broadband lines a bit.

The concept is pretty simple - they sell data, so any point in their network that is full - limiting data - limits what they can sell. The idea of charging for data should allow uncongested networks.

Unlike our other favourite telco, they are not actually stating that they aim for an uncongested network, but the figures for what the do plan are somewhat improved. They work on the basis of of "X Mb/s for 90% of the busiest 3 hours of the day". A tad confusing, but basically for 90% of the busy 3 hours you get a throughput, and obviously the rest of the time you get better than that.

We are pushing for definitions we can measure against - like loss and latency - but that is a tad more long term.

But yes, in some cases they have again doubled their targets for throughput and that should be seen in the network now. Well, apart from some 6 hour period over night...

So, good news.

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