Busy week, busy weekend

Well, weekend approacheth,

I have a load of things to do resulting from FireBrick meeting and FireBrick course this week. It has been a busy week topped with feeling like crap yesterday evening. Most of the cosmetic stuff (UI layout issues) sorted, but a couple of bugs, and I really hate knowing bugs are there in the code. In fact I end up with trouble sleeping as I find I am debugging the code in my sleep. It gets really a tad surreal when I realise next day that I have not in fact found the and fixed the bugs, just done it in my dreams and now I have to fix the code for real - usually exactly where I dreamed the bug was located. Anyone else out there debug code in their sleep? If only I was paid by the hour and could claim for my time :-)

Then I want to play with my polygon libraries. It is tantalizingly close - and should be really cool if only I can sort this damn coffee machine hopper extension. It is not that complex, and so I have something stupidly simple to fix. Just that all of the test shapes I run are fine, so I have to start with the real shape which is broken and reduce it to the basics to find the cause. Arrrg...

I am thinking now I will publish the polygon library on it's own as open source when I finally have it cracked. I am determined to avoid loads of horrid special cases (code like that is either wrong or following an ETSI/ITU standard).

So, fun weekend as usual.


  1. I get the same sort of weird thing with debugging

    I've been laid in the bath, or in bed and suddenly gone "ahah!"

    I think it's quite a common thing

  2. To the best of my knowledge, the Swiss bank UBS still has LBRP (Little Boy's Room Protocol, named after the place it all clicked into place) running to connect a couple of their systems.


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