Sonim 7 bites the dust

She has done it again - well, to be honest we left it quite a while.
Key broken off.
Back broken but still holding together just.
SIM keeps reporting not present.

The clincher was her dropping it in the bath and it drowning.

What can I say!


  1. I'd be surprised if it was insured against water damage.. most mobile phone companies explicitly exclude that as it's somewhat common.

  2. Not insurance - it is the unconditional three year warranty from the manufacturer which includes water damage (it is a water proof phone) and even hitting it with a hammer...

    Why do you think I got her this phone :-)

  3. P.S. I drop mine in the bath all the time - not problem at all.

  4. P.P.S. They are bloody good phones normally - they survive the likes of construction workers, and even "me". Just they stand no chance against a 15 year old girl, sadly.

    The good bit is that we just send if back and get a new one for free. WooHoo.

  5. "That's one tough phone" - http://www.youtube.com/user/SonimTechnologies#p/a/u/0/YV45U7M8gbM

  6. Yeh, waiting for the 3300 in 3G for my next phone...

  7. Maybe worth trying a JCB phone (water-resistant to IP67 and can float) but it doesn't so 3G, so it's not compatible with Dad's mobile phone network.

  8. I am pretty sure the JCB phone is the sonim in yellow with a JCB logo.

  9. you should contact the manufacturers and get the daughter signed up to be a product tester for any new models they bring out.

    seems having a endorsement "15 year old proof" would make for a good marketing advert

  10. I have already suggested that you know :-)


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