The dark side

Whilst I am not on facebook (well, Thrall is, and I know his password), I have signed up to Google+

Have I really turned to the dark side?


  1. "Oops... you need a Google Profile to use this feature.
    Google Profiles is not available for your organisation."

    Oh well...

  2. It's when your Google account is a google apps account not a "normal" one. You can create a normal google account and then join the two so you can rapidly switch them with a menu click. Its not ideal but does work

  3. Is Google+ worth playing with, then? So far, all the Google employees I know say it is, but normal geeks are more reticent...

  4. It is quite good. Works a little different to Facebook but if anything, despite somehow being a Facebook user for ages now, I'd say it was the dark side and Google+ is a less evil alternative... Until Apple do something similar of course lol


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