As smooth as a DALEKs bottom?

I am pleased to say the new slicer is working well,  and running black ABS for a DALEK has worked better than expected!


  1. Ooops, I clicked wrong button when Pauline said "Wicked think it's cool xx"

    We know what to get you for Christmas then :-)

  2. OK, I'm still pondering getting a reprap or equivalent -- but have you printed anything *useful* with yours yet? I'm afraid it'd be an expensive ornament with well, several plastic blobby toys such as the tardis produced

  3. Clips that were broken off a bit of plastic on James's car. An extension for the coffer machine bean hopper. Some hinges for a freezer box tray (which I did commercially!). A fan mounting for the machine. Some gears for the machine. I am sure I will find more things to make.


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