Six degrees of separation

Well, bank manager came in today for a chat (nice when they come to you) and was saying how someone he knows directly spent the night at hospital because her son was victim of an attack on a train related to these riots... Apparently a bunch of yoofs went along the whole train with baseball bats or some such.

Funny how things like this find a way of connecting with you somehow.

Given my usual interest in news, it was not until I read about the riots on the uknot mailing list today that I knew this was happening at all.

1 comment:

  1. SON attacked = 0
    Mother = 1
    Bank manager = 2
    RevK hears story = 3
    SimonF reads this = 4
    I will tell my Wife, Sally = 5
    She will tell her Mum = 6

    NOW you have Six Degrees Of Separation!


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