Really strange key on my keyboard?

A double colon key!

OK this time it is in fact a very strange keyboard.

We think everyone assumed that the IPv6 Buddy was either a joke or a scam. The web site looks like a joke (and is not even on an IPv6 address).

On top of which it appears to be a UK company selling to the US (and UK) in dollars only using paypal, which also seemed iffy.

Whilst the guy that runs it clearly has no idea about raising invoices properly, and no idea on correct product labeling requirements, it seems the keyboards do in fact exist. I have one. It does what it says on the tin!

It is a USB keypad specifically designed to make entry of IPv6 addresses, with CIDR, easy. It has a full hex keyboard, dot, colon, double colon, slash, backspace, tab and enter keys.

Testing the operation it seems the colon and double colon are handled specially in that they send a left shift and colon/semi-colon key press and release sequence on key press (twice for double colon). The other keys work as on a normal keyboard (separate press and release as you work the key) and so auto-repeat as expected.

We may even put them on the A&A site :-)


  1. I'll buy one from A&A.... his site does look a little dodgy, though...

  2. I think that if you're going to the purpose of laying out a hex keyboard you should rethink the layout a bit better than they've done there.

    I think the layout should have been structured around this layout:

    C D E F
    8 9 A B
    4 5 6 7
    0 1 2 3
    . : ::|
    < <> /|

  3. Nice mouse - where did you get it from? and for how much?

  4. LOL, thought I would leave the mouse in shot for fun. Its a razer naga from novatech. There is a red one and a blue one. Really good for gaming...


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