Is it true that a picture of a cat will get more hits?

I have to wonder what adverts pop up for a picture of a cat?
The Pashley bike post just got adverts for a different bike manufacturer.

And before some smart arse comments on the card number, yes, gimp (windows users read "photoshop") is great, isn't it... :-)


  1. Damn, zapped someones comment by mistake. Yes, I have changed several parts of the number, not just last 4 digits :-)

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    1. Err, mine, joint account, and another account of some sort i forget why. I only use one myself, and one in a computer... But what the hell - pictures for all.

  3. There's a windows port of gimp for those of us that use windows but don't want to pay for photoshop.

    I'm pleased to say it works quite well :-)

  4. By the way, I was playing with an Australian payment provider last week and I discovered that you don't need any of the correct details of the card apart from card number to take a successful payment using their service

    Using the company debit card I put in the correct card type and number, but wrong address, cv2, valid from and valid to and it still took the payment

    Pretty scary...

    1. Individual merchants can decide on what security settings they need for a purchase: all transactions need the card number, but merchants (and their merchant account provider) can "opt-in" to the rest. Obviously, if they decide not to check the CV2 code etc and fall victim to fraud, then it's their fault.

      The merchant account I use actually charges an extra 20GBP per month if I do not enable CV2 and address checking on my account to cover the increased fraud - however, they don't insist I actually *do* anything based on the results (so the CV2 etc could "fail to match" and I could still accept the transaction).

  5. paint.NET is an alternative to Gimp that runs on Windows. It's nice, and it's Free.

  6. FastStone Image Viewer http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm and
    XnView http://www.xnview.com/en/features.html - are great Windows freebies too

  7. You do know I was not looking for a windows "gimp" like tool, just explaining what "gimp" is to windows users :-)

  8. And you do know some of us Windows users have used GIMP for years :D

    So did the cat get more hits?


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