Meet Ignis...

This is Ignis, which is Latin for "fire". Ignis is the new mascot for FireBrick, and will have a 1,000 colleagues in "up to 3 months starting after the current Chinese national holiday" or some such. We are hoping for before Christmas, but you never know.

We are going to try and get people to upload pictures of odd places that Ignis has traveled and been photographed. We're kicking it off with the revolving restaurant at the top of the BT Tower in London. Once upon a time the restaurant was open to the public, but these days it is somewhat more exclusive with airport style security to get in. Fortunately the BTW ISP forum is held there and people like myself are allowed in. So this is Ignis at the BT Tower.

We should have something, probably a facebook page, for him sorted before we actually have a shed full of them and start handing them out. In the mean time, Ignis will be on the FireBrick stand at this year's IPExpo in Earls Court 2 in a couple of weeks, keeping a close eye on the orc. We may even have him at UKNOF next week.

Here's Ignis with a nice view of docklands and The Shard...


  1. I won't one please please pretty please xxx

    1. You want one? I wonder want to won't do to it :-)
      We should have then around Christmas, and we'll make sure you have one :-)

  2. I reckon it's probably easier for you to get access to the BT Tower restaurant than it is for me, and I work for BT.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yay, I want one too. I have three of the old, green ones sat on my desk and my son has one on his bed.


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