Special Billing Investigation

So, BT are being fun. Things like agreeing a £144.00 charge last December was not valid but only crediting £137.80. No explanation.

Several of the other short paid agreed disputes are odd. E.g. £61 under credited, and now saying £11 will be credit but "£50 charge is valid". WTF?

So here is my response:-

As Stuart said, why are those charges valid?
You need to explain!

e.g. "Charge of £50 is valid"
What is the £50 for exactly, and why is it valid exactly?

You can't resolve a dispute simply by stating that "it is valid".
You need to elaborate...

If such a response was all that was needed then lets play that game.
In reply, I state "Charge of £50 is NOT valid". That all you need?
Or would you expect us to elaborate and back up that assertion?

Bear in mind that we never order end user premises module or co-op call module, ever. We do not order extra modules. It is hard coded in the XML ordering system to exclude these modules, and we have copies of the signed XML requests as well as the BT signed XML confirmations.

So if your logic is that some extra module was completed and so the charge is valid, you need to state that. We can then prove that we did not order the module and therefore that the charge is not valid.

As of 1st Nov we will charge BT for such investigation. That means you will have to provide evidence of your assertion that the charge is valid, such as sending a copy of the XML signed order. In the absence of such evidence the charge remains in dispute with us simply stating it is not valid.

If you don't have evidence to back up your claim, you can request that we investigate and find evidence for you. For example, we could provide a copy of the signed XML order and BT signed XML acknowledgement. This would prove the matter either way. We provide this additional investigation as a chargeable service, but free if we were wrong. Sounds familiar?

We call it a "Special Billing Investigation". It is a fixed cost of £144.00+VAT for all investigation relating to a single dispute item. It will involve work finding any supporting evidence relating to a dispute. The charge will be waived if we find that the BT charge being disputed is in fact valid (i.e. if we are wrong). You can order Special Billing Investigation from us by email, asking us to provide extra evidence relating to any disputed amount. I look forward to your order. The service starts on 1st November.

See the following web page for details of this service:-



  1. I hope that with this service - as with Crime Scene Investigation- that while your team are doing the investigation, that we are treated to a montage of your staff running around, interacting with computers and looking intrigued at the results.

    P.S. I love the idea :)

  2. You should go on Radio 4's Moneybox programme, I bet they'd love to do a segment on how SME's can defend themselves against corporates trying to bone them over random acts of shoddy billing.


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