Drinking problem?

Well, they got a tad worried when I got a lighter. Then I got the bottle of meths...

But not to worry. There is method in my madness.

The trick with sealing wax is to melt it over a burner. Using the stuff with a wick is not bad, but you get soot in the wax and it takes ages to drip the right amount.

The other trick is something to stop the seal sticking. One method is a moisture barrier (breath on it), but that was not anywhere near as effective as a small amount of bike oil (some stuff called WHite Lighting Eipc Ride light lube!). It leaves the seal a tad shiny.

But yes, the A&A logo is now in brass, and wax!


  1. So, are you going to put a Proper Wax Seal on all outgoing post, now? If so, might be worth buying some kit just to see if postie can handle a wax sealed package :)

  2. ... how much would the admin fee be for receiving my invoices on wax-sealed parchment, instead of by PDF?

  3. The purple dye that has to be put in meths in the UK also creates soot (which is why all the pans on camping stoves end up black) - pick some up from France and it doesn't have the purple in it and burns cleanly :)

  4. This meths from Amazon gets excellent reviews:


    (When you realise that you've just been reading for an hour of your life that you'll never get back, console yourself that at least it's Friday.)


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