Junk call tar pit still going

The tarpit is still going - catching a few.

3:44 to one of our mobile numbers

1:40 to one of our mobile numbers

And, apparently, we are going to get free calls - loads of strange CLIs call this one...

30 seconds recording

Some of these are really quite funny. We are trapping around 350 calls per day, by the way.


  1. It seems that the long two calls involved the same two people under different trading names - and I think Jade cottoned on to the fact that they were talking to a recorded message quicker than the man did! Hopefully they will eventually tire of hitting the tarpit - but in the meantime at least it's slowing them down!

  2. We demand more! These are hilarious.

  3. Any pattern to the numbers they call? i.e. are they just hitting consecutive numbers, or dialing them randomly?


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