On the loo

So, call someone, and they answer whilst on the loo.

Who is more embarrassed?

Does the person say where they are, or hope that "noises off" do not give the game away?

What is the etiquette?

Over centuries etiquette has evolved for almost all situations, but now that we have mobile phones, there are new circumstances that need new etiquette.

Personally, I would only answer a call whilst indisposed if I knew the caller would be suitably amused or understanding of the situation.

Even then, if I do not own up to being on the loo, what do I do if the call goes on too long - wait and not flush the toilet. That raises questions of why I did not say earlier.

I really do not know the new etiquette for this. Whilst I have answered calls, today was a case where someone answered a call from me and I was not sure what to say. I said I would call back.



  1. If they answer whilst they're on the loo, then they're happy to talk to you, so what's the problem?

  2. What on earth were you thinking^ ?

    Why call from the loo in the first place!!!!

  3. Just as long as it wasn't facetime...

  4. I once had to call a certain telco - because a number I was calling was engaged in a way ringback couldn't deal with, for ages - but was on hold so long that by the time I did get through, it meant I was effectively making a "throne call".

    Of course, there's no "ringback" on most of the phone systems I use now - to be honest I don't really miss it, as on my mobile I can "auto retry" - though that too may be subject to some limitations. I could probably come up with an effective way to do likewise with Asterisk...

  5. Why on Earth answer the phone when you're not prepared to deal with it? If I can't handle an incoming phone call, I let the answering machine deal with it.
    Cheers, Howard (not typing this on the loo! :-)

  6. On an associated matter, I work for an IT $megacorp, and one day found myself standing in the gents, to my side was a gentleman relieving himself likewise. Only, he was very important - I know he was important because he had to continue having a long and loud conversation.

    As we concluded our business, I turned to him and just said, "Voice over IP"


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