Politicians need help to understand the most basic technology

ORG have produced an interesting article today
Cameron demands action on child abuse images

"Should we, therefore, care? We should: it is embarrassing for our Prime Minister to stand up and demand a policy that is likely to be of highly marginal impact, and discuss it as if it was of vital national interest, while failing to concentrate on the real answers."

Well said - what the hell is Cameron doing?


  1. He's doing exactly what he's done with the banks, with bankers' bonuses, with tax evasion, with tax avoidance by multinationals, with Syria, with the EU, with immigration… (I could go on) …

    He's "talking tough" — and I imagine his 100% failure record for "talking tough" will remain unbroken given the nonsense spouted so far on search engines.

  2. He is trying to keep the Daily Mail vote, the only one intellectually challenged enough not to see that he's all talk as pointed out above. And also probably trying to divert attention for his ministers having a dual job, advertising private companies on NHS or lobbying for the tobacco industry. Obviously none of them have any shares in porn companies (or there will be a U-turn soon).

    Otherwise, always good fun to see how politician will regulate "the Internet" as if it was subject to UK law... will be a good epic fail to bring back before the election.


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