I am a shark!

Thanks Mark for the unexpected post on ispreview, especially :-

"Suffice to say that the call reminded us a little bit of those scenes in Jaws ™ where the shark (Adrian) relentlessly picks off the crew of Quint’s vessel (Virgin), most of which are left to hopelessly flail about in an attempt to fight the inevitable truth of their demise; except in this version not even Brody survives."


  1. Fair play to you, Not enough of a stink is made about the state of technical specification in consumer products.
    I highly doubt a car manufacturer could claim hydrogen powered car*
    *the car is delivered on a lorry fuelled by hydrogen but the actual car is petrol.

  2. Well, I have an electric powered car*

    (* the starter motor is electric, main engine is petrol)

  3. Haha, very good example indeed.
    I know all of these sounds totally ridiculous, however, WHATEVER reason the ASA allowed "fibre" broadband to be described as indiscriminately as it is cannot stand.
    I believe the dumbing down of technology in effect "dumbs" down the consumer even further.


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