Please Barclays: Email machine processable daily transactions

So, Barclays have an ideas site.

It has a way to submit ideas and for others to comment and vote.

Please can everyone that thinks this is a good idea visit the site and vote.
I don't think you even have to be a Barclays customer.


We need to load banking transactions every day and it is tedious to get them from on-line banking. Why not have a simple option to email an encrypted copy every banking day for the day's transactions. I really don't mind whether you do proper PGP encryption or just a password protected zip file, whatever you like as long as it is machine processable. This is easy for you to do, eliminates any load issues as is a batch job and outgoing through your firewalls 

Thank you.


  1. Done - I had to register though

  2. God forbid those money making behemoths do something useful for their customers!


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