Should I avoid religious posts?

I was going to post comments on the story about some religious people on a plane refusing to be seated next to a woman as against their faith (they must not touch a woman unless married, as I understand it). There are many stories and views on this, and I was finding I was formulating my own views and arguments around the topic.

But then I was thinking a religious posting would be a bad idea.

But then I started thinking that there is something wrong in the world if I feel pressured, even if it is just somehow my own perception that makes that pressure, against posting on a topic.

I do believe in freedom of speech. Opinions being voiced can only ever be good, on balance, and I "believe" that to be true. Even bad and wrong opinions can be voiced, and discussed and counter arguments made. Open discussion is good, I believe.

So, should I avoid posts on religion, or should I go ahead?


  1. Your blog. Your rules. If you wish to post on any subject then it's your prerogative.

  2. A 'Rev' that doesn't post about religion... surely you have answered your own question ?

  3. It's your blog. Post whatever the hell you want!
    Other people don't necessarily have to agree, just like every other topic you cover.
    I expect your readership will probably agree more on your religion posts than many other subjects though :-)

  4. You should write about whatever you want :)

    Personally I'd love to see more frank discussion about the integration of different religious groups, and how their wishes can be reconciled with existing social and legal precedent, as well as with the wishes of others.

    My views on this aren't articulate enough to post, but I'd love to know what you think on the subject, and perhaps what practical steps can be taken, particularly if we can move towards real freedom of expression for everyone.

  5. It's your blog, post what you want. If people are offended they have the right not to read it, just as you have the right to post it.

  6. +1 for go ahead.

    Relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-IX69mjpcA

  7. Using "you have offended my beliefs" as a conversation stopper is merely a presumption to censor speech they personally don't agree with. This is not a valid move in free and fair discourse. People who think otherwise can bloody well stay offended until they learn this.

    The right to be spared offence would be in direct conflict with free expression (which is the basis of all other freedoms). If we value the latter, we must never accept the former.

    Every social progress ever made would not have happened had we stopped when someone took offence on ideological grounds. Religious conservatism gets less toxic with every act of irreverence, so never stop.

  8. Lots of comments for posting what you want on your own blog and I do agree with them but ...
    I get the feeling that you're worried about reprisals, either to you or your family and that makes things much less black and white so only you can decide.

    Religion has, for far too long, had a special immunity which it doesn't deserve and really shouldn't need (if it were based on fact rather than deluded imaginings).
    But, as I said, I think only you can make this decision.

  9. I'm a customer of yours and will happily remain a customer no matter what you say about religion :)


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