Who are these people?

I would have expected that most of my readers were UK based, to be honest. I am often blogging UK related issues, technically or politically...

But it seems, over last week, it is Ukraine that is No.1 by far.

And then we even have Kazakhstan in the top 10.

UK is down in 4th, really?

Or do I just not trust google stats.

Or, as my son suggests, is this just people using TOR to access my site, just in case, you know...


  1. Click fraud?

  2. Frank, I don't think that really applies to Adrian's blog. I'd say his son is probably closer to the truth with the TOR guess, since this blog does cover a lot of censorship / Internet filtering related issues. On top of that Russia, China, Ukraine, USA and Romania are big source of spam robots, some of which are designed to brute force the login system of CMSs. But spam robots will always be hitting a site and often there can be big peaks when several strike at once. The more popular the site, the more robots that try to ruin it.



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