Update Unavailable with This Apple ID

Why tell me there is an update and then tell me you cannot update it?

Why Apple? Why?

Pages comes with the iMac, but on both of the new iMacs it tells me that there is an update to Pages. On both of them I cannot do the update. So I am forever stuck with a badge on my app store icon.

Anyone know how to fix this, as I cannot be arsed to book a genius, or take a 27" iMac in to the store to show them!

[update: see solution in the comments, thanks Jonny]


  1. I have to be that guy.... Install Windows/Linux via bootcamp?

  2. Delete Pages, if you still want it, reinstall from the Mac App Store.

  3. Go to your Purchases tab, you will probably need to 'claim' the iWork apps onto your Apple ID. Once you've done this then you should be able to update them.

    1. Ah, thanks. Oddly purchases just showed my purchases, but went to updates and back to purchases and magically a new section appeared offering 6 apps that I can "accept" on to my apple ID, which I have now done. Now it allows me to update it. Thank you for your help.


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