McDonald's Apple Pie

As you know, I visited the USA recently.

Whilst there I did have a McDonald's, and even had an "apple pie" - from a McDonald's in Macy's, New York.

It was some horrid pastry baked thing - what the hell?

I am pleased to say that in the UK we have proper apple pies in McDonalds's


  1. http://sweets.seriouseats.com/2012/04/so-you-miss-deep-fried-mcdonalds-apple-pies.html

  2. I take it the photograph is a UK one, since that's exactly how I remember them from the last time (some years ago now!) that I ate a McDonalds apple pie in the UK?

    (The long wait before the filling condensed back to a liquid state from the plasma as which it is presumably injected into the sugary shell always deterred me - though come to think of it, with winter approaching and a McDonalds on my walk to the office, perhaps I could buy one on the way then eat it at the desk later, once it's cool enough to avoid burns...)

    1. And until then you can use it as a handwarmer.

  3. I can't tell if Rev is intending a certain amount of tongue in cheek.

    The "pastry baked thing" sounds closer to the definition of a pie (by dint of being cased in /pastry/) than the UK "apple pie", which would be better described as "apple pie filling in a batter case".


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