It is possible to move number to VoIP and not kill broadband!

Finally I can confirm it is possible - we have done it - we have managed to port a BT landline number to VoIP without breaking the broadband on the line in question, just renumbering it to a new number.

We have a long way to go still...
  • BT are giving us no clue as to whether they have fixed the underlying issue with orders like this, or if they just managed to brute force one of the orders through.
  • There is still an issue on lead time (currently 10 days) which will make the process slightly messy.
  • We still have to co-ordinate with a VoIP provider to handle the ports, but that is looking like it may be solved this morning.
  • We have an issue that TalkTalk reference the broadband by its phone number, but have no process to update that on a renumber, which will break all sorts of things.
However, this is a major milestone - a ported number on a phone line with broadband and the broadband not breaking in the process.

I really should not be quite so pleased that such a simple task has been achieved, but it is one of those massive battles that has lasted well over a month with multiple emails to BT every day. At least now we know it is actually possible and can work on making this a proper product that people can order from us.

We'll be in touch with the people that have contacted us to trial this as soon as we have ironed the last details out with BT. Thank you for your patience.

P.S. We think it is working well enough that we are now allowing the take-over-line and port-number orders on A&A broadband ordering page if customers want to try this. We have people in BT that are taking it seriously and prepared to help sort any issues out.


  1. Many more people are locked into paying BT for that POTS line who would like to move that to another provider too but are stopped as their broadband would cease. Have you found a way to fix that too?

    1. ???

      I moved my line rental from BT to Pulse8 without it affecting my Plusnet broadband and I know many others have done similar. That has been possible for years!

    2. Moving the PSTN line is easy, yes. What we are talking of here is moving PSTN to us, and moving number our VoIP. It is the latter, the moving the number to VoIP, that has always broken the broadband.


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