Wow, there is a top level domain for .rip. which is nice. Makes sense with more and more memorial web sites.

What surprised me is that it is just like any other of the of the TLDs, and sells 2 to 10 year registration. I think they missed a trick. It should be like £500 for 100 years registration as only option... Would make a lots of sense for a memorial domain.

I assume that is what .rip. is for!

Maybe I should grab revk.rip now, just in case.


  1. I believe the metarules prevent registrations for longer than 10 years.

    1. Realistically most of the new TLDs will be abandoned after a few years. They cost a LOT of money to run and they've mostly been thrown up by a mix of underpants gnomes ("We're going to get so rich when everybody wants a .hatrack domain for um, their hatrack?") and brand protection lawyers who've been given too big a budget.

      The rules in place ensure that new TLDs will likely be able to operate for a few years, but there's no way a regime could be put in place that would allow them to be operated independently (which is notionally the whole point even if most are now run by just a handful of operators) yet ensure a hundred year lifespan.

      After a few years, the "owner" of the TLD realises that nobody cares they own .hatrack, and wonders why they're spending tens of thousands of dollars per year (or more) operating it. They ask ICANN how they stop paying, and the answer is .hatrack gets sunset, domains expire and the TLD is removed.

      So a 100 year registration is almost invariably going to be a straight-up scam, just like all those outfits who offered "email for life" around the turn of the century and then once the customers had stopped showing up they kept the money and closed down the service.

  2. Not much point in operating a domain for 100 years when the server for it will almost certainly vanish before it expires. Now if someone was offering a memorial service that would bundle domain and web server for 100 years, that might be better. Not that I would trust such a company to actually last 100 years of course :)

  3. But a church might reasonably offer that, many have operated for more than 100 years already. Not much different from an engraved stone in their yard.

    Sounds like time for a biz plan, is there a reverend in the house?

  4. I wonder if there will be .ospf and .bgp ?

    1. Which can then be blocked in DNS for "good" ISPs, and terrorism will vanish forever just like file-sharing.


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