Slartibartfast tour!

I have a couple of very long standing (aka suffering) mates, and we did a thing last year which we hoped to be the start of an annual thing. We went to LA and Vegas.

Mike organised it and we had 1st class flights to US. That was pretty cool. It made the flight pretty bearable, but still for like 9 hours, was hugely expensive. It was good though. We had fun in LA, and even introduced a barmaid to marmite! We had fun in Vegas. I went hunting a new camera, nightmare, and I probably caused annoyance to my mates in doing so. I have it now - Canon, please don't do a new camera in next three weeks.

It was an awesome holiday, and I was really appreciative that I was not doing the driving (LA to Vegas) to be honest. I also appreciate how much Mike paid, but the whole trip was great fun.

This year, I am carrying on the tradition, and have us booked in a couple of weeks on an 8 day cruise. We were lucky, Mike found the trip after we all tried the web site(s) repeatedly. We assume a cancellation to get this cabin for this price on two weeks lead time.

This is not cheap, and neither was last year. It is each of us saving up to afford this, and then only just. It is all about making something memorable and worth the money. You only live once, and it is really nice if we can afford to live, occasionally. This year a series of favourable events mean I can manage to pay. I suspect Simon is bricking himself for next year, but to be fair it is not about the price but the experience and being with friends for a week or so, and so no pressure :-)

The "cabin" (aka "stateroom") we have booked is fucking awesome, sorry. Hot tub, piano, ten times the size of all but two other cabins on the ship (one of which is the other one like this, there are only two). You could throw parties in this. I'll get pictures and videos. I could not believe our luck when it came up. The web site then made it impossible to book it and I spent well over an hour in Thomas Cook today while the agent there (that we know quite well now) sorted it all. Well done.

It is the Slartibartfast tour - and yes, spell checking understood Slartibartfast! Norwegian fjords. With any luck some northern lights. We'll all be working to some extent - that is the nature of each of us running a business, but the open bar and wifi will help with that. I may be working from the exclusive hot tub with open bar, sorry...

Really I can't wait. It is going to be so cool. My wife is jealous and I just know I'll be paying for that somehow.


  1. Hurtigruten? If so, this is not a normal cruise: it does resupply as well. I hope you're not woken up by the ship stopping: it'll do so half a dozen times a night, for a quarter hour or so each time, to offload and onload things.

    (And it is *excellent*. I hope you're going all the way and not stopping with the fjords. The far north stuff is memorable. Particularly in deep winter, but probably in summer too...)

  2. And now I'm jealous as well! I have a good job but I always feel like a working pauper. I've still got one child to go through university so that kind of trip won't be on the cards for some time.

    Anyway my favourite Slartibartfast quote:
    "Hurry up or you'll be late. That was a threat by the way. I never was any good at threats..."

  3. A Fjords cruise is absolutely stunning, and with that stateroom (or state mansion) you guys will have an amazing time!!!

    If this is your 1st cruise, you will get the bug be warned!!!

  4. Slim to zero chance of Northern Lights at this time of year I'm afraid. Much better in Jan/Feb. This time of year it will barely get dark at night.


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