The plot thickens...


Today I decided to try something else with the Apple TV. I set up another Apple ID with iTunes store account. I then family shared my normal Apple ID to that.

I logged in as the new Apple ID and played episodes via the family sharing.

First episode fine.

Next episode - wants my iTunes password before playing...

And before someone asks, I also tried fixed IP config IPv4 only already.

Next step: physically swapping for another Apple TV

Update: didn't help - Apple TV using my account asked for iTunes password on playing one of the episodes. Arrrrg!


  1. I wonder if apple limit the number of apple TV devices with unique IP addresses. The majority of users would be using the same NAT'd address for all their apple TV devices.

  2. Go to your brick, find the MAC of your old device and assign the old IP to your new device.

  3. This might sound stupid, but how is the apple tv connected to the internets? It couldn't be via the Ubiquiti Wifi points and in some way linked to your other Ubiquiti issues?

  4. I too am curious to hear if it works from a different non-ubiquity, non-firebrick network.
    It IS apple, which is a common denominator with the other problem...

  5. " I then family shared my normal Apple ID to that."

    And thus contaminated it with possible permissions problems which may be the root cause. See my earlier comment on your video post a few days ago. For the purposes of diagnostics you have to analyse your primary account in itunes, and you have to test a factory fresh device using another single account which was created just for this and which is totally separate.

    1. Or I take all my apple TVs back and demand a refund if they don't fix it.

  6. I cannot believe you've persevered with this for so long!

    What is it that's so unique you don't just grab a 4k TV (dumb as possible, preferably) & plug in your choice of box that does work (Roku, Kodi, whatever)?

    Oh and for the people suggesting its Ubiquiti related - I seriously doubt Adrian is running a 4k TV on wireless ;)

    Also there's no end of moaning about recent iOS builds roaming on a lot of wireless kit other than Ubiquiti - some of its down to their insane MAC obfuscation, some of its down to other stuff unique to Apple's idea of how standards should work. Its by no means unique to Ubiquiti, it seems to occur on most similar systems (including BT's "Whole Home" mesh stuff and the Sky Q kit). Common denominator - Apple, always Apple.

    I just don't get it myself. I mean when the Apple kit used to "just work" then fair enough with price premiums but lets be honest here, those days seem a long time ago. Pretty much every Apple user I know has had serious issues with iTunes at some point or another - some could fix it themselves, most gave up or created another iTunes account. Looks a bloody mess to me for even a reasonably tech-savvy user...

  7. Hi,
    I know the two step authentication causes issues with Apple TVs, on the older units you had to append your code to the end of your password (no spaces). Might be worth a try?

    1. Tried with and without 2FA several times, and it is accepting my password, so not that.

  8. I have an Apple TV issue where specific episodes will not play on the Apple TV 2. Support didn't even know it's a known issue until they research it. So frustrating.

  9. Hi,
    At https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7318246?start=15&tstart=0

    I found this:
    "I've had success with Gabe H's approach:

    * Restored the Apple TV

    * Enabled restrictions, but ONLY set the iTunes Store "Purchases and Rentals" to "restrict" (purchases and rentals will require a passcode).

    I did not enable any other restrictions. From Gabe H's research, it appears that the only setting that you NEED to avoid setting is the age rating for apps, which will make the Apple TV start requiring an iTunes password every time you try to play purchased content.

    So now the Apple TV is safe to use in a household with kids -- they can't purchase content or (more importantly and potentially costly) can't purchase in-app coins and crud. However, they CAN play purchased movies!"


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