Cursed apple

So where are we with my Apple TV saga...

They are referring to "engineering". That is it...

Latest things I tried...
  • Change apple ID, so if any machines I forgot are trying to log in then they will not know new apple ID.
  • Only have my Mac, Phone and Apple TV on the new Apple ID
  • Turn 2FA back on
  • Turn off home sharing, just in case
  • Log off iCloud, just in case
  • Again, confirm payment details, and actually buy a film on the Apple TV
Guess what - not helping. Still asking my iTunes password, around every hour, on play of episode, or rewind within it. Randomly will not even show episode with "unexpected error" requiring restart.

This is what makes pirating movies easier! If I pirated movies I would not have this hassle.


  1. Meanwhile, in piracy land, Plex now has Amazon Alexa integration and can be linked to my hue lights so that the lights dim when i press play and brighten when I pause/stop...

    "Legit" services really need to up their game.

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  3. Lets play is it on Amazon or Netflix? Name a series from the Apple TV, and I will try to find it on other Services. :)

  4. You are doing _a good thing_, suffering for the benefit of the rest of us. Perhaps you need to get a witch doctor to fumigate the place. Your Apple TV seems to have been cursed. Or you could try sacrificing a goat.

  5. We have only had a Plex + Google Chromecast (now Google Home?) setup for about a year and a half now. Love it. All TV content is streamed from iPlayer app or youtube app on phone, all film content is torrent to my NAS and then Plex app on phone.
    Convenient.. and free.

  6. My Apple TV4 and the 3 before it have both been very well behaved. It's the work of demons, bad ju-ju, bad spirits I tell ye.

  7. I have to ask whether there seems to be a common demoniantor here - you have problems with iphones roaming (its not just ubiquiti for that either) between APs; your Apple TV turns you into a basement-dwelling psycho - again you need to do something about camera angle ;)

    Once upon a time it was MS who made it this hard.

    People wonder why people pay £10/month for a usenet account - well here it is.....

    1. I don't see it - this happened when I got a new Apple TV. The iPhone roaming has been happening for years. My old Apple TV was fine all that time.

    2. All your problems are with apple kit not playing nicely - whether with Apple's "Garden" or with stuff like Ubiquiti.

      There's a load of complaints Sky are dealing with as well on their "mesh" kit - all iOS stuff, even droidv4 works OK.

      Also didn't you say you threw out the old Apple TV for no good reason - as it turned out.

      Just suggesting that your original reasons for getting into Apple kit are not what they'd be now ;)

      Shiny doesn't mean great.

      It did for a while with Apple but I don't think it means that now.

      YMMV of course.

    3. Based on "this happened when I got a new Apple TV", could it mean that if I got the new 4th gen Apple TV I would get same issue?

    4. Have a 4th gen before, and it was fine.

  8. Most of us using NAT on a single ip seems unlikely but worth a try maybe?

    1. Dirty yes but a combination not tried

    2. I am the counter example - I don't have any NAT at all and I have a happy Apple TV4

  9. Replies
    1. I changed from local caching DNS to our customer DNS servers. Did not help.


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