Talking to apple support

I went through the iTunes email based support, took ages, and no help.

So I called 08001076285, as they suggested, to get support. It is a horrid voice based IVR thing. So I have to say my serial number the first time. This time I said my case number.

Oddly, they are actually very pleasant, so well done on that. I have a dread of calling any tech support normally. I hope our (A&A) tech support does not create the same sense of dread for customers. We have no call gate!

On the first call I explained the issue, and what I had tried. Eventually they suggested one thing I had not ("restoring" via iTunes and a cable). So I have done that now, and hence another call.

I am tempted to publish the call recordings (and annoying hold music). I will have to change my security questions first :-)

Basically, I have tried everything so far...
  • Changing password
  • Turning on two factor authentication
  • Turning off two factor authentication (twice now)
  • Removing all devices from account and starting again
  • Turning off family sharing
  • Factory resetting (many times)
  • Restarting using iPhone, and using manual setup
  • Using cable to "restore" the Apple TV via iTunes
  • Upgrading, many times
Still broken.

They think "something somewhere is asking for an iCloud password, or something" and that is upsetting it.

I removed all devices from my apple ID already, if this is what it is that is mad. I have just logged in to two iMacs and set new passwords. If that solves it Apple are fucking stupid! No way a third party failed login attempt should break my Apple TV. Just broken logic there Apple!!!

P.S. If this works I should do a more controlled test - what if someone just used my apple ID and wrong password, would that break it? If so Apple really are broken!


  1. I have a dread of calling A&A tech support, because I know that when I'll call them I will inevitably discover that I have forgotten something crucial and the entire thing was my own avoidable error. Always very polite and charming and helpful but I still know it will always end in me being wrong.

    Perhaps this is just the human condition, though.

  2. I'm happy to give that a try if you want.

    1. I have one more machine to update password in order to see if it works. If it does, I may try it from another machine. Damn, just remembered, I have an iPad to catch as well. Arrrg.

  3. The infuriating thing with Apple and these sorts of problems is that they almost always hide whatever underlying error / issue is happening behind the scenes so that you (as user) have absolutely no clue what the problem really is. Wouldn't it be so much more helpful if there was somewhere (even if buried in a hidden place that normal users wouldn't see) where you could access a decent log to find out what is triggering the problem?

    I'm amazed you have done as much as you have to try and solve the problem. I assume you have already considered switching to using Netflix / Amazon Prime instead? I have the Amazon TV box as well as Apple TV and I find I use the Amazon TV box (for both Amazon Prime and Netflix) much more than Apple TV.

    1. As I pointed out in one call, things like this are making it way easier for people to pirate movies. Latest attempt is change of apple ID even!


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