Julian Huppert - Cambridge

I have met a few MPs, and Julian is (was) one of them (see wikipedia).

The party he stands for is the Lib Dems, and the area is Cambridge.

I have met him, and discussed several policy issues with him. Overall he is sensible in my opinion. More so than many MPs and way more so than some MPs or the PM.

He is educated, understands science, and even rides a bike!

I was not really in to politics until some of the more recent stupidity that started to affect me and my customers. So far Julian has been quite sane in the discussions on the many issues that have come up, and so have the party for which he stands.

Now, some would say this sounds like a mediocre endorsement - but please, those that know me -  this is far from mediocre - I do not endorse someone lightly.

Julian is someone with which I feel that I could have a sane debate, and would listen to my views. If I lived in Cambridge, regardless of the party for which he chose to stand, that would be good enough. He should represent his constituents, and I am confident he can do that. He has integrity and sincerity.

Right now, in politics, we have some crazy shit going down, and the Lib Dems actually seem to be the only ones being vaguely sane right now.

Even if you are not massively in to one party or the other, if you live in Cambridge, please do look at the candidates and take Julian seriously. If nothing else, he is one of the few who could be in parliament with some decent education and understanding of science.

So, if you can, vote for Julian in Cambridge. A voice of reason in these troubling times.


  1. I've always had my doubts about the value of constituencies as the dividing line: if my MP is supposed to represent my interests, why do I have to have the same one as a sheep farmer ten miles away, where our only commonality is a telephone area code?! (Hence I'm "represented" by this embarrassment - http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/pete-wishart-under-fire-for-foul-mouthed-twitter-post-1-4420326 - rather than being able to vote for and be represented by someone who will take a stand against the surveillance state.)

    1. Quoting the Scotsman about Wishart when one of their journos part-operates the notorious "Brian Spanner" twitter account is beyond irony.

      Here's just a small sample of the vileness he produces :

      "Margaret Curran. Is she a victim of FGM? She is a torn faced cunt"

      That's one of the milder ones, so my irony meter is off the scale at your nonsense...

    2. Well said that man :-) jas88 must say you are a bit sensitive and too easily offended, if calling a tory an 'absolute wa*ker' is an embarrassment...

    3. What a bizarre viewpoint - one employee of a private company using such language (presumably in a private capacity, not the Scotsman's official Twitter account) somehow invalidates all the information they publish - but an elected politician gets a free pass?

      Whatever one of their journalists might say doesn't invalidate the facts in the article - at most, it might make the Scotsman hypocritical, if what "Anonymous" says about "Brian Spanner" is true. (After all, "Anonymous" have done questionable and even illegal things in the past...)

      The idea that our politicians should somehow be held to much lower standards than journalists is rather disturbing - though I suppose that's where you have to start if you want to defend the SNP.

  2. While I don't see any other outcome than a large Tory majority as being likely, I'd love to see the LibDems recover in this GE. They are about the only sensible option on the table it seems.

  3. The current system will only ever favour tories and labour and i suspect a lot of voters might have voted for him but went with labour as "least bad" option with any chance of winning majority

  4. I don't live in Cambridge and I've never voted lib dem, however it seems to me that for remain voters who haven't given up, then the lib dems are the only credible ray of hope. I only wish they would take an even stronger stance against walking off the cliff edge.

    1. Problem is that a large chunk of potential anti-Brexit voters are drowning in student debt - courtesy of the LibDems.

      Add in the fact that their leader is a homophobe who believes homosexuality is a sin against god & that's pretty much everyone (likely to vote) under the age of 30 alienated by them.

      They have two hopes, one's Bob & he's dead ;)

      It'll be a massive tory majority followed up by more right-wing racist policies and catastrophic stupidity.

    2. To be fair to Tim Farron, he's also made it abundantly clear that he considers sinfulness a private matter - and has consistently voted in favour of gay equality, on the basis that the state should get out of people's consensual private lives.

      I'd prefer a private homophobe who recognises that their personal views on homosexuality should not be imposed via legislation to someone accepting of homosexuality who feels that the law should impose their personal moral views on everyone.

    3. Not sure why he had such a problem stating that *he* didn't consider it a sin until this election then ;)

      IMHO the last thing the UK needs is more godbotherers at the top of politics, regardless of creed. "Devout" Christians are undoubtably the worst - see Blair, Bush, Reagan, Johnson & "kitten heels" herself - May.

      Gods and politics should never mix because god(s) is/are always on the side which wins.

      Hat-tip to Mr Dylan there, good song even after all these years.

  5. Can we not do a mini Cambridge analytica organised via irc? If 4chan can? ... Emma

  6. If the proposed boundary changes go ahead my village would be added to the Cambridge constituency, and I would vote for Julian Huppert. I have friends that know Julian.

  7. AAISP need to hire some lobbyists now :P

    Watching Brexit as a Canadian has been interesting...

  8. Good to see tech folk supporting the only tech aware party in the whole of Britain (I think SNP may be tech-savvy)

    1. Some are in the SNP.

      The membership is much younger that any other pary in the UK but that brings its own perils as people view things like twitter (twatter would be more accurate IMHO) as a playground.

      99% of indyref2/SNP stuff is online as there is no MSM support for indy/SNP other than one paper (in a group of US-owned papers who are all unionist and edited in Cardiff).

      Impressive that we've got it to 46% support under all 3 electoral systems in Scotland under those circumstances mmm?

      No excuse for you peeps in England. Labour & Tory are two sides of the same coin, time you woke up to it.

      tl;dr the SNP aren't tech-savvy but you better believe the indyref2 peeps are - we're not waiting for the SNP to set the agenda. They follow.

      We live in interesting times :)


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