So, we have a case of someone feeling they should mow down a group of muslims praying, and why? Presumably because it was muslims that did something nasty last time.

This logic is terrible, and if you follow the same logic forward, the logic used for all race and religious hatred, you must now panic at the sight of a white van man!

On my drive right now, we have two of them (carpenter and decorator), so that must be terrifying to the neighbours!

If people can see that such a comment makes no sense, how can they not see that such comments about muslims or any other race or religious group are just as daft.


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    1. PV55 EZM surely.

      Still no idea why that's interesting or relevant to anything!

  2. Taxed and MOT'd. Can't be bothered checking MID or HPI. :-)

  3. The analogy would be less strained if there was a 'white van driver's association' which had a fringe that urged (with some success) white van drivers to kill people that used different forms of transport.

    Were that to be the case, it wouldn't then be entirely unreasonable to speculate as to whether any particular white van driver was under the influence of this murderous fringe.

    It would of course still be unreasonable to randomly kill white van drivers on the off-chance that they deserve it.

  4. It involves religion so there is no logic.

    That's where you're going wrong Adrian ;)

    As an aside did you ever get the Unifi stuff sorted? I only ask as eldest daughter is back home for a month or so between tenancies. All her stuff is "istuff" and its roaming fine between 2 x AC-Lites and one AC-Outdoor. firmware, 5.4.16 controller on a RPi3, Debian 8 (kernel for Deb9 breaks jsvcs which in turn breaks the unifi controller).

    1. Gave up in the end, could not prove if Apple or unifi or what. I have some Xclaim (ruckus) now and no issues at all (same iPhone and FireBrick).

    2. Thought about Ruckus but its too much for residential stuff - Unifi is about the limit people are likely to pay IMHO given it includes "licensing". Even then the need to run a controller is an issue for most people.

      Daughter was in uni halls with Ruckus APs which were pretty awful. I suspect given the positioning there wasn't enough diversity to get multiple streams working but I thought that was the point of their fancy beam-steering stuff?

      There was something I read about ipads/iphones using a DTIM value of 3 to save battery life but I have no idea TBH. The tl;dr of that discussion was that an iphone in (some) powersaving modes wouldn't "see" an AP change.

    3. The XClaim is their cheaper domestic stuff, and seems OK.

    4. "cheaper" is a relative term here :)

      From what I can tell their stuff is still about double the price of the equivalent Ubiquiti stuff? linitx.com don't stock it because they can't sell it.

      Glad it works for you though, would love to know why :)

    5. linitx have them, that is where we got mine. They don't try to do proper roaming, and so there is slight outage if walking around on FaceTime call, but that is way better than dying completely like the unifi solution was for me.

    6. Apologies I looked under Ruckus on their site :D

      Still a bit pricy for the specs, but if they work for you then that's the main thing.


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